Dentures remain a cost effective method of replacing missing teeth by providing the patient with a removable appliance. Dentures can provide patients with a reliable biting and chewing function and acceptable appearance. The main disadvantages with the dentures are they are sometimes difficult to tolerate and are subject to slippage during speech and normal movement of the mouth. The bone in the jaw surrounding the missing tooth or teeth continues to recede, and this can lead to a gradual collapse of the lower profile of the face.

At Flint and Flint Dental Surgeons in Sheffield, we have the huge advantage of having our own laboratory and denture technician with over 40 years experience on site. We produce and provide patented dentures that will improve retention and stability.

We also have vast experience in the construction of patented Swiss dentures that provide excellent stability and aesthetics. Very accurate measurements are taken of your jaw movements enabling truly bespoken dentures to be made.

Flint and Flint Dental practice's on-site laboratory means that rather than being posted or couriered to labs elsewhere, all of our ceramic veneersdentures and dental implants are made in house, which enables us to be at the forefront of dental technology and service.

"I am absolutely delighted with my new set of dentures. They look completely natural! Thank you for your care and patience!! Mrs B. Rose Sheffield"

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